Welcome to Room 14's Spelling page!
Spelling Words: however, mountain, mound, scout, shout, couch, towel, ounce, coward, outdoors, flowerpot, scowl, browse, announce, hound, trout, drowsy, grouch, eyebrow, boundary, cauliflower, foundation, surround, allowance, counselor

Spelling homework workbook pages are always due on Thursday.

Cursive spelling word practice pages are always due on Thursday.

We will have our spelling tests each Friday.

Simply click on the Spelling City link below to access our spelling lists, awesome games and fun practice activities! You can test yourself at home and play games to study!

Spelling cursive practice must be done in your BEST cursive. Take your time! First trace the word, then write each word 3 times. Impress me with your fabulous cursive!

If, for some reason, this link does not work, go to www.spellingcity.com. Click on the search for lists and type in my name "Barb Hornberger", this should bring you to our personal spelling lists. They are listed alphabetically by the title of the story we are reading in our Anthology.

Link to Spelling City