To get to your google docs follow this link and the directions below.
1. When you get to CV's main website, click on the "student" section.
2. Click on the "google applications" link.
3. click on the "docs" link
4. Sign in using your normal sign it that you use at school.
5. Type and save your writing.
6. You could also click on "share" in upper right hand corner and put in my email address so that it is shared with me and I can enjoy your writing! (
Note: If you have something typed and saved in WORD, you can copy and paste it into your google doc.

Click here to try our persuasive map persuasive map

Here are some new ways to work on writing at home! Check them out!

Why not try a book report this way...follow the book linkbookworm.jpeg

Try using your sequencing skills to create a cartoon. Click on the happy pencil to find your way...
You can print it, color it, and bring it to share at school!cartoonpencil.jpeg

Or...try your hand at a pirate story with a little help from a on Captain Bogey to see where he takes you....

We will be using this form to peer edit our narrative writing!